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What our client say


Ferdie & Ivy Bondoc, Glendale, CA. May 2021

Our RITELLO unit perfectly came in time! We have two daughters working as Front liners and being in direct contact with their patients, we would go crazy avoiding them when they come home because we were always anxious and worried for them to bring the virus. But RITELLO EASED all our worries and fears! Not only it can purify the air in our house, it’s double action to Sanitize, Aromatize, Deodorize, Humidify and the BEST of all, its ability to DISINFECT are the reasons why we love our RITELLO Unit! Now, we have the peace of mind knowing that we are breathing fresh and much safer air! No more anxiety that our children will bring home the virus as we use the spray gun to disinfect them before entering our house! And that’s not all it does for us..., we all love its HIGH Powered Vacuum and Accessories in getting rid of all the dirt in our flooring, dust and dust mites in our mattresses and couch and other furnitures using its unbelievable suction and continuous airflow!!! We love our Amazing RITELLO Unit and we are truly proud and happy to own one


Emily Dacunos,

Las Vegas Nevada

I really love ritello! I cannot stress enough what a game changer this vacuum is, especially if you have pets. We vacuum daily and the day we got this, wanted to give it a try and OMG! I couldn't believe how much dirt, grime and hair it pulled out of our already "clean" carpet. I was a little leary of spend such a large amount an a vacuum. I am so glad I did. I just used it in our Car and was shocked and amazed at what it pulled out of there. The fact that it can pick up wet as well as dry was the best part. We have a dog and she shed so much. Just seeing all her hair suck all up really makes me crazy. Pop the hose on and vacuum or pour some cleaner on the area and then suck it all up in the vacuum. I love that the only filter is the water itself. No dirty filters to change, no dust blowing everywhere, just a clean vacuum every time. All the dirt goes in the water and gets flushed away. I can't say enough about these. Buy one, you won't be sorry.


Nida Blaise
Signal Hill, CA

My allergy symptom is much better now since I started to use Ritello. Every time I cook, it smells all over the house, If I cleaned our kitchen sink by using chemicals, I have to leave the windows open, but leaving the window opened is not always safe specially now that it’s pandemic. And also, that’s how dust filed up in our house that causes to worsen my allergy. But now, problem was solved. When I started to use Ritello, air was purified. I can already clean my house & dust every corner of my house without hassle & without my allergy being triggered. I can breath freely now coz’ the “Air was purified” by Ritello. Lastly, I also used to sanitize & disinfect every time there are other people comes in our house, example; maintenance peoples for inside & outside our house. I have confident now to call maintenance people now that I have a Ritello that I can use to disinfect & sanitize my house , to make sure that the deadly “VIRUS” from covid - 19 will die and other Viruses & Bacteria will also die & that will surely protected ourselves to get sick & possibly cause of death from the deadly virus! Horray!!! Thanks to Edwin & Mina Manzon for introducing to me “The Ritello Air purifier”.


Geraldine Aperocho

Carson California USA

I never thought that my new Ritello is much better than my previous Brand X machine. Ritello is much powerful when it comes to suction & has an attachment that can disinfect the whole house. I even use this machine as a "fan" when it is hot because the water-washed clean air coming out from the exhaust is so strong! Now I'm breathing clean air even when I am sleeping!!! 


Gay Dagza Escobar

Long Beach, California, USA.

I started using my Ritello in my house cleaning jobs. The homeowners are happy and satisfied because they said that their home does not only smells good and  feels clean but they noticed they never had allergies again. I am so happy that I own a Ritello because it also makes me feel good and satisfied and it has all the attachments to clean anything in the house.


Armalyn Ramirez

Torrance, CA.

Ritello is really worth it! You won’t regret.


Grace Marcelo Go

Taytay Rizal , Philippines

I know I really love Ritello, very essential to have and no regrets to all to be part of the Ritello family. Best decision I have made.


Sarah Jen Mariano

North Hills California, USA

I've never cleaned my house the same way I did with Ritello. Impressive powerful water filtration machine equipped with all the tools I need to clean my household and also does a great job protecting my family from allergens and viruses. Oh!!! and It's so satisfying to see all the dirt collected in a bowl! Only Ritello!!!


Edith Steele Cerritos

California, USA

I am so blessed to have you as my cleaning partner! You see, I push you anywhere and everywhere, but you do the same excellent performance whichever part of my house you'll be! 

Ritello, you're the best cleaning machine really. That's not all, you helped me blow the balloons on my kids birthday party! Wow! That's awesome! Outside my house you blow the leaves away and helped me clean my car too! When I leave the house after you helped me disinfect everything. You're still in charge because you're purifying my house and I come home with a cleaning smelling house! I'll never find another best cleaning machine like you! Thank you for being around. I could have known you sooner. It's okay because one thing is for sure. I'll never use another cleaning machine but you! Thank you for your excellent service! 


Christina Yanto

New Jersey, USA

We love our Ritello in the house. This is great pandemic equipment and must have. A healthy way of cleaning.


Flora Siwa, PhD

Las Vegas, Nevada

I am very happy about Ritello, I’m assured that my place and office were germs free; smells good too. i am in fact getting another one for my home use.


Thess and Gilbert Mangahis

Richmond Texas, USA

Ritello creates a great positive effect in Technology that makes every household life easier, healthier and better when it comes to environmental capacity. While this amazing effect provides great benefits to the consumers, it also creates a big difference to us, an infinite opportunity to provide a better life for ourselves and our family.


Dra. Ana Reya Medina, Kids Care Pediatrics

Sta Ana, California, USA

We enjoy having Ritello! It’s a very versatile machine. We use it as air purifier. We also use it to sanitize the office and the most part. We enjoy using the machine. 

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